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How to send patient materials

Patient materials can be offered to our laboratory on working days between 9h00 and 16h30. For optimal diagnosis of autoimmune blistering diseases, we strongly recommend to submit both serum and a biopsy. A description of the clinical picture and differential diagnosis is also essential for a correct diagnosis.


A 10 ml tube of blood can be sent to our laboratory at room temperature. For biopsies we kindly request to send a vial with normal saline, which must be received by our laboratory within 24 hours. Michel's fixative or dry ice can be used for storing biopsies when the expected time of delivery will take longer than 24 hours. In case of epidermolysis bullosa, biopsies need to be sent in Michel's fixative or dry ice. Biopsies for electron microscopic examination need to be stored in glutaraldehyde.

More information can be found on our application forms for bullous dermatoses serology and biopsies.

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