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Employees of laboratory immunodermatoloy


Gilles F.H. Diercks MD, PhD

Head of laboratory 


Dermatopathology, immunofluorescence, ​electron microscopy

Foto Jeroen.jpg

Jeroen Bremer

Scientific laboratory employee

Immunodiagnostics and pathogenesis of autoimmune blistering diseases​​

Marieke portret.png

Marieke C. Bolling


General dermatology, 

genodermatoses, epidermolysis bullosa, pediatric dermatology,

autoimmune blistering diseases

joost meijer portret.png

Joost Meijer,


General Dermatology, Immunodermatology, Autoimmune Blister Diseases, Immunofluorescence

horvarth portret.png

Barbara Horváth
Prof., MD, PhD

Head of the Department of Dermatology


Autoimmune blistering diseases,

acneiform dermatoses, hidradenitis suppurativa, severe drug reactions

ISO 15189 Certification and Accreditation Lab Immunodermatology


Certification for a lab is important as proof that a lab is well organized and that the testing is done to the best possible standards. The certification for laboratories throughout the Netherlands is ISO 15189. 

The immunodermatology lab has set up a number of unique tests for the diagnosis of autoimmune bullous disorders. Partly because of this, the UMCG can be proud to be the center for blistering diseases of the Netherlands. The tests are often self-developed and allow very precise diagnosis to be made. Every department of Dermatology in the Netherlands knows that, we receive many requests from national and international. With the ISO 15189 certificate, we demonstrate that our diagnostics meet the highest quality requirements.

Certification: EN ISO15189:2012

Registrationumber: M257

M257 RvA kleur NL logo.png

Retired 2021


Hendri H. Pas


On behalf of the employees of the UMCG Expertisecenter for Blistering Diseases: we will miss you and be well!  

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