What is the Working People Affiliate Network (WPAN)?

Working People Affiliate Network (WPAN) is a simple list building, training and money-making system that pays its members commissions for promoting, marketing, referring, and enrolling new members into our program.

Approximately 90% of the all membership fees will be redistributed back to our members as commissions through our unique multi-level compensation plan. Every member receives an initial commission of $86 and subsequent commissions of $15, $10, and $5 as their referral base increases in length, into infinity.

How does Working People Affiliate Network (WPAN) Work?

Our mission is a simple one. Empower and improve the money-making capabilities of essential hourly workers, everywhere. Our goal is to link a community of like-minded individuals united in the belief that we can help each other, as a collective group, gain financial independence working part-time, online, and in our homes.

We invite everyone, from all walks of life and any demographic to join our network because if you can text, post, email, hand out a flyer or talk to a friend—you can help spread the word about this unique opportunity and make money too.

Do You Have To Be A Member To Join? If Yes, How Much Is The Start-Up Cost?

As stated before, since our fees are redistributed as payments to our members, everyone must be a qualified member to market, promote and earn commissions with our system. There is a one-time expense of $129 for a life-time membership but no other fees will be required no matter how much you earn with our system.

Although there is no free way to join our program, we do allow non-members who would like to test the program before joining to download, personalize, handout and post a few of these flyers in their respective neighborhoods before committing to the program. Let those responses, be the basis for your decision.

What Forms of Payment Do You Accept?

PayPal, Stripe, Google Pay, ORU and Cash App will all be acceptable forms of payment if you have an account established with any of those vendors. If you do not have a PayPal account go to http://www.PayPal.com to set up your free account with a valid email address or visit any of the websites mentioned previously.

Check the videos below for set-up instructions for three of the companies mentioned earlier.

How To Set-Up a PayPal Account

How To Set-Up A CashApp Account

How To Set-Up A Stripe Account

Do I Need to Sponsor (Refer) Others to Earn Money?

Yes. The only way for you to make money is by referring others to join our network. Our community of hourly workers must commit to helping each other build residual income, with and for each other.

As our membership base expands so will the income for every member that starts a new downline tree and the only way that can be accomplished is through our referral marketing program. This is not a “join and we do all the work for you” proposition.

This will require work from everyone but if you are willing to put in the effort to make money, this platform will make that happen for anyone that decides to join WPAN and willing to “put in the work”.

Who Should I Market (Talk) To About This Opportunity?

The easiest way is, talking to the people you hang-out with the most. Personalize a few of our flyers and hand them out at your family gatherings, on your jobs, on college campuses, community or sporting events, just to name a few. After you get paid a few commissions, post and broadcast your proof of payment to your social media pages and help authenticate, to your followers, that our program actually works.

You can also market this program online using free resources such as email marketing, solo ads, and on free classified ad sites such as Craigslist.org, ClassifiedAds.com or USFreeAds.com to name a few. But to get the best results initially, always talk to the people you know personally—especially if you are producing results and want to get your business off to a fast start.

Do You Have A Refund Policy?

This is deferred member-to member payment program so once your membership fee is approved and accepted, commissions are immediately allocated to the person that referred you to the program and no refund requests will be accepted.

So please, read our Refund and Terms & Conditions policies located in the footer section of this website before you click on pay button.

How Do We Track Our Referrals?

We will be utilizing a third party vendor iDevAffiliate so that our members will be able to track their dashboard statistics 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Transparency is especially important to us—so our members having access to this information—in real time is imperative.

We want our members to see their completed referral transactions and signups when they happen. This gives each member the ability to follow-up with their sign-ups, if there are any problems with their payment and ensure that they are getting credit for the new members they do refer and sign-up.

What Type of Training Do You Offer?

We currently have over 10 topics on internet marketing that our members will be able to review and download—at no cost, immediately after they become a paid member.

The download page for the training section of this website requires a password that will be included in the welcome message once your payment has been approved and processed.

What type of Support Do You Provide to The Membership?

In the effort to build a strong and dynamic Network that helps every member, we realize your continue training is crucial to your development and growth in the internet marketing arena. For us—this should be one of your key objectives to earning a part or full-time income from home.

As mentioned before, initially you will have access to over 10 internet marketing training modules. There will also be additional training components located in your iDevAffiliate members dashboard with at least one additional topic added every 30 days, once this system is launched. Use the contact form on this website for all other questions or issues.

Contact me at everett.wpanetwork@gmail.com with any other questions you may have that were not covered on this page.


Why Do I Have to Pay to Make Money with WPAN?

To join this program, you have to embrace the concept of “thinking and doing things a little differently” because--THIS IS NOT A JOB OFFER. This is your cost of admission into the internet marketing arena, so developing an entrepreneurial mindset is going to be key if you want to be successful, in this business venture.

Currently, over 85% of essential jobs requires you to be at a worksite, and on the clock—to get paid. So, if you lose that job, have your hours cut, or if the company goes out business, there are very few instant solutions to recouping that income loss.

With this opportunity you control the what, when, where, and how you conduct your business--but work is involved if you want to supplement or replace the lost income due to a change in your employment status.

Establishing your own part-time business with WPAN is the best way to create the cash flow you will need to, replace your earnings due to a change in your employment status or, reaching your goal of becoming financially independent.

What if I Like the Program—But Can’t Afford to Join?

I thought about this and came up with a few arrangements you may want to consider if you want to start right away.

1. Form a partnership with 2-3 of your friends and split the expenses and revenues between yourselves (50/50) or (.333/.333/.333) depending on how many people are in your company. There are some definite advantages in this make-up especially if each party is serious about the opportunity.

2. Charge the fee to a credit (not debit) card and defer the actual expense until the credit card payment is due. That will give you at least 30 days to get the 2 sign-ups you will need to cover your membership fee plus a profit of $43 and any overrides you would have earned on levels 2, 3 and 4. That’s the closest way to starting this business for free that is available to those that may need assistance coming up with the $129 one-time fee.

3. A more profitable and the best way to build your downline is this. Let’s assume you are the first to see this promotion and want to join. See if you can borrow the money with the promise to repay the person you borrow the money from, within 10 days. Next, get the commitment of at least two interested parties to join the program after you get your account set-up. Make sure those same people duplicate your actions and get 2 commitments from people they know and have everyone follow that same sequence.

a. So, what does that accomplish? First, your first commission will be least $172 plus any overrides earned in your downlines the following week--enough to pay back your loan with a $43 profit.

b. Secondly, if your commitments duplicated your efforts and added 2 new sign-ups to, by the end of the week you would have approximately 28 people in your downline plus an additional $220 in overrides from your downlines production.

Here’s the projected income of your team’s combined production, using the information above: $172 + $220 = $392 - $129 equals $263 profit after paying back the money you borrowed, to get started.

A profit margin that’s more than doubled the cost of your $129 starting fee. Which is not bad for your first week in business for yourself.

What Type of Marketing Materials Will be Available to Promote WPAN?

Currently, we provide a series of flyers that were specifically designed to get the message out in your local neighborhoods. Members should focus on getting this information out to the people they know and where hourly workers are. And the best way to that is to download, personalize and distribute your flyers out locally on community boards, laundromats, libraries and in person whenever possible.

Utilized some of the best practices for distributing flyers highlighted in the eBook, “How to Earn 5 Figures Working 90 Minutes a Day”, that you can review, read and download in the flyer section of this website.

We also have animated and static banners you will be able to use on your social media accounts, email marketing and classified ad campaigns.

Contact me at everett.wpanetwork@gmail.com with any other questions you may have that were not covered on this page.


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